5 Tips for Buying a Bike From a Victory Motorcycle Dealer in Jacksonville, FL

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Motorcycles

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Buying a new motorcycle is an exciting time, and some riders get caught up in a bike’s looks without considering other features that are more important to the riding experience. Before going out and buying the first cool-looking bike they see, new riders should consider these five tips to make the purchase easier.

Choose Based on Needs

Every bike fits the rider differently, and buyers should think of their riding plans when visiting a Victory Motorcycle Dealer in Jacksonville FL. High-performance bikes are built for acceleration and speed, but they can be pretty uncomfortable for commuters. Conversely, a touring bike can easily be ridden for a long distance. They offer amenities such as saddlebags, radios, windscreens, and backrests. Cruisers provide an upright posture and allow the rider to stretch out a bit. There is no one right choice-;it all depends on the rider’s needs and preferences.

Do Some Research

Most dealers do not allow potential buyers to test-ride motorcycles, so most research will have to take place online. Many websites offer motorcycle reviews, and manufacturer forums allow riders to share first-hand experiences with particular models. When they Visit our showroom, the rider should sit on the motorcycle to ensure that their feet reach the ground, and the bike is held steady.

Shop Around

In most cases, there’s not a lot of wiggle room unless the rider is interested in a less-desirable color or model. Sometimes, a Victory Motorcycle Dealer in Jacksonville FL may have last year’s bikes at significant discounts. Final prices include dealer prep, setup, and delivery fees, and some dealerships put a premium of several hundred dollars on top of that price.

Buy Insurance

If the rider plans to finance the purchase, virtually all lenders require comprehensive coverage and most areas require liability insurance. Performance bikes are typically more costly to insure because of claims histories, but touring bikes can be expensive to cover because of owners’ customization preferences. Consider a cruiser or a dual-purpose bike for the lowest insurance rates.

Get Trained

Whether the rider is new to the sport or is a veteran rider trying out a new motorcycle, they should complete a rider course sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. These courses are offered at thousands of locations across the country, and they have something to offer even the most experienced rider.

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