A Guide to Car Loans with the Help of a Subaru Dealership in Covington

Cars, SUVs, and trucks are more expensive now–more than ever. According to a study, approximately 85% of Americans take out a loan to pay for their new vehicle. It’s because loans make it easy to buy a car. The tenure is flexible, and you can even negotiate the interest rate. However, there are undeniable drawbacks to taking out a car loan. To keep those in check, you need to know a few crucial things on how to get the best deals for car loans.

Know Your Credit Score

Your credit score demonstrates your history of paying your debts, and it will determine the kinds of loans and the interest rate you can get. Lenders prefer clients with an excellent score, as it means you’re much more likely to make your payments on time. Typically, people with excellent credit can negotiate a better rate more easily. It’s wise to have this checked out before you start applying for financing. You can spot incorrect information and correct them. Otherwise, you’ll have to straighten your finances to bump up your score.

Get a Pre-Approved Loan

Before you step start shopping for your dream car, you might want to get a pre-approved loan. Not all pre-approved loans offer the same thing, but each type can be useful in different situations. Simply fill out a loan application with your financial information and file it with your local bank or the credit union. At this point, it’s okay if you don’t know which car you’ll be buying. Getting a pre-approved loan will help the dealer to feel more confident dealing with a buyer, and you’ll find that your negotiation process can be much smoother this way. If you can’t get a pre-approved loan, dealerships often provide financing options as well.

Avoid Long Loans

The price of a car is high, so the length of car loans has grown longer. Based on a report from the Experian credit bureau, about a third of new car loans at this moment lasts for more than six years or 72 months. While this is not uncommon to see, an expert Subaru dealership in Covington says it’s not a good idea to have a loan lasting that long. If you have a problem buying a car with a five-year or 60-month loan, you should probably reconsider the purchase or find another way to shorten the term.

An auto loan that spans more than six years has only one benefit: the monthly payment is lower. This way, you can buy a more expensive car and still be able to make the monthly payment. But when you look at the total cost, you’ll rethink if it is worth it. This is because the longer the loan, the higher the interest rate. While the monthly payment is cheaper, you’ll be paying a higher interest rate and you’ll pay it for a longer time. When you take this into account, you’ll end up paying way more money than the actual cost of the car. If your car is stolen or heavily damaged, the insurance money won’t cover the entirety of your loan. You’ll have negative equity, which means you’re unlikely to get enough cash to pay off your financing.

Getting a car loan requires you to do some due diligence, but the results will be well worth it. Check out Baldwin Subaru for more helpful tips.