Collision-Related Auto Repair in Papillion NE Fixes Damage Due to Vandalism, Weather and Other Incidents

Technicians who provide collision-related auto repair in Papillion NE are accustomed to seeing certain similar problems on a regular basis. One of the more common reasons a customer comes to the garage is because the vehicle has been vandalized in a relatively minor way. It’s unusual for someone to find his or her car painted with graffiti or seriously damaged with a tire iron, but other, less grievous incidents sometimes occur.

One often seen a type of damage is referred to as “keying,” in which someone walks by the vehicle and scrapes it with a key, leaving a line marring the paint job. Another is two shallow dents on the hood or even the roof of the car caused by someone standing on it. These actions may seem to happen at random, and it’s unclear why anyone would do this sort of mischief. They may feel irritated at the sight of a shiny new car in a parking lot, or they may want to impress an acquaintance who’s a known troublemaker.

Dings, dents, and scratches on doors and side panels also are often seen in a garage for collision-related auto repair in Papillion NE. This relatively minor damage tends to occur in parking lots when one vehicle’s door strikes the car or pickup truck next to it. Sometimes people simply aren’t careful, and other times a gust of wind is the main culprit.

Collision repair technicians frequently are asked to resolve dents occurring due to various other episodes that don’t necessarily involve a vehicle accident. An errant swing might cause someone to unintentionally hit a car or pickup with a golf ball or softball, for example. A branch coming down from a tree in a windstorm can leave a dent or noticeable scratches. Sometimes a storm brings hail. Usually, the hail is not a major weather episode, but a few precisely falling pieces of ice can put a few corresponding dents in the hood, roof or trunk.

Fortunately, these are all easy fixes for technicians at a facility such as Dingman’s Collision Center. Sometimes they can simply use a special device to pull out a dent without needing to repaint the area. Visit Domain for details on this particular shop.