Factors That Influence the Price of Used Cars for Sale

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Car Dealership

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It can be confusing shopping for used cars for sale and seeing a wide variation in the pricing. In general, people in Medford expect to pay a significantly lower price on a used vehicle compared to new, but just what the difference should be is hard to predict.

Mileage and Age

There are several factors that influence the price of used cars for sale Medford. The two most obvious are the mileage on the vehicle and the age of the vehicle. The more miles a vehicle has traveled, the greater the wear and tear and the lower the remaining life cycle of parts and components.
In addition, the age of the vehicle, without considering antiques or classic cars, also impacts the price. Older vehicles have fewer features, less technology, and fewer safety features that drop their overall value.


Most used cars for sale are not in mint condition. They may have slight scratches or dents on the exterior, and there may be some signs of wear on the interior. The more pronounced these issues, the lower the value of the vehicle considering mileage and age.

Certified Pre-owned Vehicles

The exceptions to this rule are the certified pre-owned vehicles. These used cars for sale are newer models with low mileage and with extremely limited cosmetic damage. These vehicles, unlike other used vehicles, come with a manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance, making them a great deal for many Medford car buyers.

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