The Luxury Compact Volvo XC60 SUV

The new Volvo XC60 luxury compact SUV is a high performing and reliable vehicle. It has top tier safety features, powerful driving attributes, all encased in a fun and stylish look. Below is a highlight of the vehicles exterior and interior design.

Powerful Engine and Drive

The XC60 has a brawny engine that is great for long drives and daily driving as well. The acceleration it provides maintains its pickup even when you are driving with a full passenger or item load. The power of the engine does not compromise when it comes to fuel economy either as it offers great miles per gallon on road and highway.

The engine facilitates responsive steering and handling by the driver. You feel in control while navigating long stretches of road or maneuvering left and right turns. The turns are kept tight and superior driving is upheld. Front wheel -drive is standard and all-wheel drive is an upgraded option for the SUV.

Beautifully Designed Interior

The interior of the XC60 is elegant in design. The leather is comfortable and supportive to the driver and all passengers. There is plenty of head and leg room and space for all five passengers, making comfort a top feature in this SUV.

The cargo area of the vehicle is spacious and easily accessible from the outside as well as the inside. Although considered a compact SUV, the cavernous interior proves otherwise. A new Volvo dealer in Buffalo Grove can provide you with the interior measurements and specifications when you visit.

In addition to the roomy interior, the inside also boasts a dual-zone climate control system that is adjustable and easy to use. The other technologically advanced systems inside are just as easy to use for both the driver and passenger. The infotainment and navigation systems come standard which is an additional bonus.

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