The Signs You Need New Batteries in Mystic

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Auto Parts

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Your car battery does not do as much you think it does. Many people think their battery runs the electronics in their car, but that’s only partially true. Your battery supplies stored electricity to your electrical system while your vehicle is turned off. When you turn on the vehicle, the engine spins the fan. The belt around the fan then spins the alternator, which generates the electricity for your vehicle. It runs all of the electronics and can even charge your battery. Knowing this, it is easier to determine what might be wrong with your vehicle. You can more easily determine if you need to shop for batteries or a new alternator.

Car Won’t Start

If your car won’t start, you might need to look for batteries in Mystic. If the car just clicks or makes no sound at all, you likely need a new battery. You should jump the car with another battery or with a battery charger. If it starts up then, that means your electrical system is still operational. Then, you should let the engine run for about thirty minutes. If the engine runs without dying, it means your alternator is working properly. Finally, you should turn off the engine and then try to start it again.

If your engine starts up, it means your battery was dying. You should still test it again in a few hours. If your engine does not start, your battery is completely dead and you need to visit Bumper to Bumper.

Car Dies While Driving

If your car starts fine but then dies while driving, that means your alternator is likely bad. You don’t necessarily need new batteries. However, you need to replace your alternator as soon as possible and have the battery checked. Leaving the battery drained for too long can permanently damage it.

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