Three Ways to Check If an Auto Glass Repair in Richmond, VA Is Doable

The windshield of your car can crack or break unexpectedly, such as when a small rock falls out of a dump truck and hits it. Washing your car on a hot day and then rinsing it with cold water can also cause it to crack. A glass company may be able to repair your windshield in these circumstances.

Small Chips and Cracks

When examining damage to a windshield, many glass companies will measure the size of the chip or crack before repairing it. If a chip is less than the size of a quarter or a crack is less than three inches long, then most companies will do an auto glass repair in Richmond, VA. Some larger chips and cracks may be repaired too, depending on their location.

Damage Location

Most small chips and cracks not in the driver’s line of sight can usually be repaired. However, the laws differ by state so you should check with a company specializing in auto glass repair to see if the damage meets state laws. Since a repair can affect how things look through the glass, some damage is not repairable and the windshield should be replaced. View website for more details about reliable auto glass repair in Richmond, VA.

Depth of Damage

Even though a chip may be small, if it goes too deep into the windshield, then a repair cannot be done. A windshield has three layers: the outer glass, a plastic interlayer, and an inside layer of glass. If a chip or crack only penetrates the outer layer, then a repair can be done; however, if it goes into the plastic interlayer or to the inside layer of glass, then companies such as Bruce’s Super Body Shops will replace the windshield.

If you’re not sure if an auto glass repair can be done, take your car to body shop or auto glass shop for a professional assessment.