What Are Some Things a Test Drive at a Car Dealership Should Entail?

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Autos

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When you’re at car dealership in Fort Wayne, salespeople should invite you to take a test drive. It’s a chance to become more familiar with a particular model and trim level. The test drive should include a few components to educate you to the fullest.

An Understanding of the Interior

Before you even turn the ignition, you should get to know what the interior has to offer. This includes the number of passengers that you can fit inside the vehicle and the amount of cargo space available. Further, look at other storage as well as how seats may fold down to make room for passengers or other items. Then, look at the type of upholstery the vehicle offers. Be sure that you’re comfortable and that you have enough room for everything you could use the car for.

A Test of Performance

If you like the interior, you can then test out the overall performance. This is the road test where you’ll get the chance to see how the car handles. The salesperson likely has a route that they like to take, giving you the opportunity to turn, brake, and accelerate. You can also test out the sound system and see what kind of road noise you hear.

An Explanation of Features

It’s important that you understand the various features that a particular car has to offer. When you visit car dealerships in Fort Wayne, salespeople should know the car that they’re trying to sell very well. They’ll have you do various things at the wheel so you can see how particular features work. They’ll show you some of the special features, too, so you know what this model has to offer.

By the end of the test drive, you should know whether it’s going to meet your needs or not. If you’re not happy with something, tell the dealership so that they can point out a different model or trim level.

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