What Are the Benefits of Auto Transmission Maintenance in Chesapeake, VA?

Many automobile owners would not dream of allowing their vehicles to go without regular fluid and filter changes or a tuneup when the time comes. Many of those same owners will give little to no thought about the transmission until something goes wrong. In fact, regular Auto Transmission Maintenance in Chesapeake VA, is in the best interests of the car owner. Here are a couple of reasons why checking the transmission from time to time matters.

Performance Tests

One of the processes used in Auto Transmission Maintenance in Chesapeake VA, is to subject the transmission to a series of tests. Those tests are designed to see how well the transmission responds in terms of switching gears, up to and including the passing gear. The amount of time needed for the transmission to respond to each switch is noted carefully. If there is a decrease in efficiency, it will be caught by comparing the current results with those from the last round of testing.

Using this approach, it is easier to know when some portion of the transmission needs to be repaired or changed in any way. For the client, this attention to detail minimizes the possibility of getting into the car one morning and finding that it will not slip into reverse.

Flushing the Lines

Many car owners do not realize that the lines used to carry transmission fluid to the system can become damaged or filled with contaminants. This prevents the steady flow of fluid needed to keep the transmission operating at optimum efficiency. As part of the maintenance program, a professional will check the condition of the lines as well as the quality of the fluid. If there is a need to flush the line, that can be done without a lot of trouble.

For more information about how to maintain a transmission properly, browse our website and take a look at the tips provided. Along with support from a profession, the vehicle owner can also do a few things at home that help to keep the transmission in proper working order. Working together, there is no reason that the transmission can’t remain in top condition for many years to come.