3 Benefits Of Certified Pre Owned Cars

When most car buyers in Philadelphia think of the benefits of a pre-owned vehicle, the most apparent advantage is the lower cost. This is true with the older model used cars of any make, and it is also true with certified pre-owned vehicles.

The differences between used and certified pre owned cars can be significant. A used vehicle includes all vehicles that are not new, which may include high mileage, multiple owner types of vehicles with lots of wear and tear. A certified pre-owned vehicle is a newer make and model with less than the manufacturer’s mileage requirements. This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but it is typically somewhere between 5 to 7 model years of age and 70,000 miles or less.

Newer Features and Technology

A significant benefit to all certified pre owned cars in Philadelphia is the ability to buy a vehicle that includes the latest in technology and features. These features can include driver-assist and safety features, making these vehicles a better option as a family car.

In addition, newer technology means full connectively, infotainment systems, charging ports, and, in some vehicles, a WiFi hotspot, satellite radio, or premium sound systems.

Higher Resale Value

As certified pre owned cars are newer models and are in like-new condition both cosmetically as well as mechanically, these vehicles retain their value. They are vehicles that bring in more when you are ready to trade-in for a new car or SUV.

Roadside Assistance and Warranty

Philadelphia car buyers will also appreciate the warranty and roadside assistance package offered with certified pre-owned vehicles. Each manufacturer offers different limited warranties, so be sure to read the details before making your final vehicle choice.