3 Signs You Need to Look into Auto Radiator Repair in Junction City KS Today

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Auto Repair

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A radiator is essential to the function of a vehicle. When it starts to go bad, the vehicle can overheat and stop working altogether. Driving the vehicle further without having the radiator repaired could mean the engine is damaged and can quickly lead to far more costly repairs. Below are three signs a person needs to watch for to find out if they need auto radiator repair in Junction City KS before it does even more damage.

Leaks Under the Vehicle

Often, a person will notice something dripping under their vehicle or notice a spot where they typically park the vehicle. In some cases, it might just be water from the air conditioner on very hot days and will dissipate quickly. When the puddle is green, however, it’s a sign there’s a leak in the radiator or somewhere else in the cooling system. It’s essential to have this repaired as quickly as possible.

Rust on Radiator Cap

When the person checks their fluids, they might notice rust inside the radiator cap. This needs to be dealt with immediately or it could allow the rust to fall off and enter the engine, which could quickly lead to serious issues with the engine and, if not dealt with immediately, the need for an engine rebuild or a new engine. Both of these are incredibly expensive to deal with.

Steam Coming from Hood of the Vehicle

When a person starts to see steam coming off the hood of the vehicle, they’ll need to look at the gauges on the vehicle to determine if it’s overheating. If the gauge reads higher than normal, they will need to pull over immediately to let the vehicle cool down. They should not attempt to touch anything, although raising the hood carefully can help it cool down faster. Once the car is cool, they can drive it a bit further so long as it doesn’t start to heat up again but will need to take it to a shop as soon as possible for repairs.

By paying attention for these three signs of issues with a radiator, a person can ensure they have Auto Radiator Repair in Junction City KS done quickly to avoid further issues with their vehicle.

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