5 Signs of Wheel Hub Assembly Trouble

by | May 5, 2016 | Auto Parts

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Don’t put yourself at risk on the road. Make sure you’re fully aware of the signs of wheel hub problems. Read on to know more about them:

1. Snapping or popping. This can mean you’ve got a damaged outer CV-joint. That or excessive bearing endplay is a likely culprit as well. Whenever you make a turn or corner other vehicles, expect to hear this noise.

2. Grinding. This usually happens when the car is still running. Mechanical damage in the wheel end unit can account for the problem. This could mean bearing problems and tell you it’s high time to find new bearings.

3. Wheel wobbles. Have shaky wheels? Aside from tire or suspension issues, you might be dealing with the fact that the part is up for a loss, and you should try to find a replacement soon.

4. Too much side pull. This can be the result of suspension parts that have been severely damaged. Warped rotors or calipers that can no longer retract are just among the many possible reasons.

5. Uneven tire wear. Misalignment, as well as damaged suspension parts, are the likely reasons behind this. And if you’ve got wheel bearings worn down to the bone, those could account for the abnormal tire wear as well.

Finding a Replacement

Since hubs don’t usually have problems, it’s simple enough to figure out that other parts are suspect like bearings. How a Car Works explains that bearings are used for hubs in pairs. Brake rotors are also part of the hub. If these parts are all a dead loss anyway, then it’s high time you started looking for a reliable wheel hub assembly replacement.

Why It Matters

Defective bearings affect the performance of your car’s traction system and put your life at risk. If you find yourself going home in driving conditions that might be less than stellar—wet roads, pounding rain—you’re an accident waiting to happen. With better bearings, though, you can have more control over your breaking speed. Only do Good thing it’s easy enough to replace those bearings to make sure you’re protected from road accidents.


So if your hubs are giving you a bit of trouble, then look them up and see what simple fixes you can do about them. Put your wheels and hubs up to regular inspection checkups. That way, you know if it’s time for replacements or not. And when it is, don’t put them off. The sooner your hubs are all right, the better your driving performance and safety will be.

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