Best Times Of The Year To Buy A New Land Rover

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Car Dealership

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There are several times throughout the year that buyers in and around Philadelphia can take advantage of exceptional deals on a new Land Rover. Each year, the company determines the roll-out date for the new models. Most of these debuts are well advertised, and buyers can always contact the dealership and be notified when the new cars will be on the lot.

Different years may include the new Land Rover in Philadelphia offering a very different look, style, or standard features from the current “new” vehicles on the lot. Buyers who want to get a current year model can often negotiate a lower price or take advantage of dealership incentives to move the current year models as the new vehicles arrive.

Sales Events

As with any dealership and vehicle manufacturer, Land Rover has an annual sales event. Known as the Season of Adventure Sales Event, this is an annual sale that offers savings on the new models on the lot as well as the pre-owned vehicles.

Land Rover USA also offers a variety of events and auto shows throughout the year. Dealerships in and around Philadelphia may also offer specific sales events based on things going on in the community.

Start Looking Early

If you are planning to shop for a new Land Rover at a sales event, promotion, or dealership inventory reduction sale, be sure to start looking at the vehicles early. These sales are very popular, and most dealerships have a limited number of vehicles. The early shoppers have the best selection of new vehicles to drive off the lot.

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