Buy on Thanksgiving! A Ford Dealer Near Louisville, KY Explains Why

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Autos

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It’s well-known that the last quarter of the year is the best time to buy a car. A lot goes on during this period that compels dealerships to lower their prices and offer more incentives. And just when you think car deals couldn’t get more enticing, holidays like Thanksgiving make them even better. That’s why any trusted Ford dealer near Louisville, KY will urge buyers to buy during Thanksgiving week. Here are some reasons why:

Black Friday Sale

After enjoying a feast with your family all day, it’s time to hunt for some bargains. Black Friday marks the official start of Christmas shopping, which can only mean one thing: the prices that have been dropping since October will drop even lower. Most retail companies adopt this tradition, and car dealerships are no exception. Their Thanksgiving sale offers are among the highlights of this annual trend. Some of their best packages include zero percent financing for up to 48 months. Some even give away cash bonuses and lease discounts.

End of the Month and Annual Quota

One of the reasons the fourth quarter is the best time to buy a car is that car dealerships only have a few months left to meet their annual sales quota. They’d rather sell more vehicles and earn less than expected from each unit than sell a few units and not meet the quota. Also, Thanksgiving is on the final week of the month, which means dealerships are also scrambling to meet their monthly quota. So you have a better chance of negotiating your price during this period than any other day in November.

Model-Year Changeover Sale

The old models are out, and the new ones are in. But dealerships can’t just ditch their unsold inventory, can they? The longer these units stay in the showroom, the less likely dealerships can sell the new arrivals. Those who manage to empty their showroom the quickest will already have the latest models on display. That means sellers have more negotiating power. So, to limit their potential losses from negotiations, they proactively set a much lower price and add more incentives.

Brand New or Used

Now that you know Thanksgiving is one of the best times to buy a new vehicle, it’s time to consider your options. Do you prefer a brand-new car or a pre-owned one? Of course, that will depend on your budget. But with prices at an all-time low, you can stretch your buying dollar. You can even trade in your existing vehicle to save on a brand-new one.

It also won’t hurt if you check out used car models. If you’re buying from a reputable Ford dealership near Louisville, KY, you’ll probably be offered a certified pre-owned unit, which is the best among used cars. Forget about private sellers or auctions if you have enough money to avoid the risk of buying a lemon. Only purchase from a trusted dealership.

Black Friday sales only happen once a year, so don’t waste the opportunity. Car sales haven’t been optimistic in the last five years, which explains the unusually generous offers from car dealerships worldwide. You never know when this trend will change so take advantage of it now. Check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful tips.

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