Choosing the best auto body repair shop

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Automotive

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Don’t think that all auto body repair shops are the same, they are not. Repair estimates can vary wildly; it is not uncommon for one shop to quote $1,000 to undertake the work while another shop will quote $2,000 for exactly the same job. Why would there be such differences and when is it alright to take the lowest offer?

There are numerous reasons why prices vary, here are a few tips that can help you choose the best auto body repair shop in Denver.

  • Word of mouth is important: Auto body shops are local businesses, they rely on word of mouth advertising and to get this they have to maintain their reputation. It is easy to advertise, any business can say anything they want but this is not the case when you talk to people that have used the shop, a good recommendation can go a long way and you might find the biggest shop in town is not the choice, it’s just as likely to be a small out of the way shop.
  • The location and operation has a lot to do with the overhead: Have you ever asked yourself why something you found at a ritzy store in the mall is much more expensive that the same thing at a small privately owned shop? It has to do with costs; the cost of rent in the mall is very high while the cost of rent in a small standalone shop will be less.The same is true with auto body repair shops; large shops with numerous clerical workers will charge more per hour for their service that a small shop. Of course there are people that are impressed with front-desk people and mangers and foremen but these people cost money and in many cases they really aren’t necessary.
  • Get several estimates: The best way to avoid being overcharged is to make sure you get several estimates. Even this has a caveat; don’t take the lowest quote just because it’s the lowest. There are shops that say they will do the work cheap and they will, the work will also be shoddy and you may end up redoing it.
  • Ask the right questions: One important question to ask is “do you warrant your work?” If the answer is yes find out for how long and what does the warranty cover. Find out what materials the shop plans on using, are they planning on using all new parts or are they going to source used parts from the junk yard? There is nothing wrong with aftermarket parts but stab well clear of a shop that is planning on installing used parts.

Look for an auto body shop in Denver that is clean and well organized. Look for a shop where the owner is in charge. If you are not happy with what you see or what you hear then keep looking.

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