Ensure Your Car or Truck Stays Running With Quality Auto Repair in Cherry Hills Village

The modern automobile is one of the worlds most complex machines. Along with all of the movable components there is a variety of electronics used to improve efficiency and control. Today’s vehicles include systems that improve its performance as well as those that provide creature comforts. Sadly, all of these different components can fail and often do so at the worst possible times. As an example, consider the air conditioner. This is a part of the vehicle that is only used during warm weather. Unfortunately, heavy usage during this time puts a strain on the working parts and can cause the system to fail. AC failure can occur from damaged compressors, leaking hoses or simple loss of refrigerant. When the system is operated without refrigerant there is no lubricant in the compressor which can ruin this expensive part.

More complex systems include the engine. A cars engine is actually a series of components designed to function together. It takes an intake system to fuel the internal combustion, an electrical system to spark the combustion and an exhaust system to eliminate the waste gas. When any of these components fail it is time for Auto Repair Cherry Hills Village. At this point the mechanic must diagnose the problem before they even consider fixing it. Depending on how the vehicle has failed the technician may be able to place the automobile on their diagnostic computer. This will usually give some indication of where to look. In other instances such as a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head the mechanic may have to rely on experience and mechanical tests. In the case of cracked heads or head gaskets they can test the engine using a compression tester.

Perhaps the toughest component to diagnose is the automatic transmission. These are hydraulic systems that run a series of internal gears and clutches to maintain an efficient gear range. When they fail you may notice gear slippage or complete lack of motive power. Repairing the transmission is often best handled by replacing the old one with a factory rebuilt version. Attempting to rebuild one by hand is a time consuming and difficult task. If your car or truck is due for Auto Repair Cherry Hills Village be sure and visit our website.