Ford Explorer Accessories

The Ford Explorer is a well-loved car and has been popular for many years. There are many models that are available and with the car models, come different and custom accessories. There are many fun and convenient accessories that you can purchase for the SUV.

Floor Mats

All weather floor mats are available for the Ford Explorer. There are laser measured mats available that custom fit inside the SUV. Made from a resilient rubber blend, the mats are able to handle the outside elements and the daily wear and tear of foot traffic. Dealers selling a Ford Explorer in Wheeling can provide you with the custom mats for the vehicle.

Trailer Hitch

You can equip your Ford Explorer with strong towing capability through a trailer hitch. The car hitch bolts to the rear of the vehicle, allowing you to tow boats and trailers. The hitch is durable and can be installed at the dealer for proper setup.

Seat Covers

There are many options for custom seat covers available. The covers can protect from animals, rough handling and any other debris. It provides a stylish and functional way of keeping the interior clean at an affordable price. The covers are based on the Explorer’s seat measurements and provide a sure fit at all angles.

Shifting Gear

If you like to customize your Explorer from the inside out, consider shift knob accessories for the complete look. Available in universal and custom options, the covering is able to go over the standard shift knob and gives you a sleek look as you drive. There are many fun choices to choose from at an inexpensive cost.


You can also purchase custom gauges for the Explorer. There are many universal fit gauges that are available for all styles of the Explorer. Digital and non-digital gauges can be installed after your vehicle purchase.

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