Gearboxes Seen by Shops Doing Transmission Repair in Mesa

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Auto Repair

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A car transmission’s purpose is to transfer power from the engine to the wheels using gears. Car engines rotate within a range of 600-7000 rpm, and wheels can spin at up to 1800 rpm, so the transmission must use gears with different ratios to match engine power to speed. Below is an explanation of the different types of transmissions seen by those who do transmission repair in Mesa.

Automatic Transmissions

The most common type of transmission available in modern vehicles is the automatic transmission. Here, the transmission typically selects the gear in accordance with driving conditions. Beyond special cases like trailer towing and steep inclines, most drivers simply put the gearshift into drive and the transmission takes care of the rest. Up until fairly recently, auto transmissions were less fuel-efficient than their standard counterparts.

Manual Transmissions

Also referred to as a “stick shift”, manual gearbox or standard transmission, these are increasingly rare in America. With a manual transmission, the driver must constantly change gears. The transmissions are usually equipped with clutch pedals to make it easier for the driver to change from one gear to another. Manual transmissions of today offer great fuel economy and cost less than auto transmissions, but they require constant attention on the driver’s part.


The CVT, or constantly variable transmission, is typically found on passenger vehicles. They’re relatively new to the automobile market, but they offer significant advantages. While the mechanism is different, the CVT offers the same driver experience as an automatic along with increased fuel efficiency.

Getting Transmission Service

For most people, knowing when or if the vehicle has transmission issues can be difficult. In other cases, transmission failure’s signs are relatively obvious. If a driver experiences problems like abnormal operation, warning lights, strange clunking noises or burning smells, there may be a serious transmission issue that needs immediate attention.

While some fixes can be cheap, others can be quite costly. Transmission repair jobs can range from a hundred to several thousand dollars, and that’s just one reason why it’s important to Visit Business Name to have a car’s transmission examined by a licensed shop doing Transmission Repair in Mesa if anything goes wrong.

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