High-Quality, Efficient, and Trustworthy Car Repair in the Lakeview Area

Managing routine maintenance, service work, and car repairs in Lakeview can be difficult for area drivers because quality, time, and affordability are factors to take into consideration. Customers are guaranteed quality service because these area mechanics are all certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Both routine services, as well as more serious repair jobs can be handled by these mechanics. Jobs involving sensitive engine repairs, muffler replacements, or routine wheel alignment and oil changes can be handled quickly and efficiently. Additionally, drivers can often receive competitive prices for these services making the work highly affordable.

A common part for drivers to be aware of and service as soon as possible is their vehicle’s clutch. The clutch is partly responsible for transmission system shifting, and problems with the clutch can often result in worse, more expensive damage to fragile parts. Because of the severity of this repair, it is important for drivers to know the signs of a clutch that s on its last leg. Excessive grinding or jerkiness accompanied by loud noises while shifting can be a major indicator of clutch failure or damage. Foul smells, as well as gear slipping when your engine’s RPM is increasing even though your car isn’t moving, are other major indicators of clutch failure or damage.

To learn more about Bucaro Brothers Auto Care or to learn more about the signs of a clutch that s on its last leg, you can schedule a consultation today.