How Auto Body Dents Are Repaired

Auto body dent removal in Danville, IL, can take so many forms, depending on the type of damage, but the rule of thumb remains: don’t work on a dent yourself if you cannot anticipate how the plastic or metal will react. This means most people need to visit a qualified auto repair shop to handle the repair.

While it’s relatively common knowledge metal can be flattened with hammering, not all dents require this type of treatment. The surrounding area around the dent needs to be taken into consideration too.


The body of a vehicle is split between steel parts, alloys and plastics. Obviously, the plastic parts of a vehicle cannot be hammered back into shape. Plastic is rigid, and any impact will likely bow or crack it. Small dents on a steel surface, on the other hand, can be fixed with a little hammering.

However, the metal has to be protected at all times during this process. The incorrect application of force on the dent can result in a puncture or crack, as well as damage to the paint. A skilled technician in an auto body dent removal service in Danville, IL, can typically take care of small dents easily.

Plastic & Aluminum Surfaces

Hammering is not recommended for plastic and aluminum surfaces. Aluminum has a tendency to stretch so it’s more complicated to deal with than regular stainless steel. This means these types of surfaces require separate processes to manage dent repair.

An auto body dent removal service in Danville, IL, can tell you which method they will use to make a dent disappear. In some cases, extremely small dents can be resolved by filling in the space before professional repainting. Take note you can’t simply spray paint a dented area with just any paint. Automotive paint is different from the paint used on other metal surfaces, making professional service critical to keep your car looking great.

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