Indicators That You May Need Transmission Repair in Chicago IL

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Automotive industry‎

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Your car is one of the most important machines you use on a daily basis. Without it, getting to work and other important appointments can be extremely complicated. If you notice that your car is not running as it should, and feel it could be related to your transmission, then make sure you visit a quality shop that specializes in Transmission Repair in Chicago ILas soon as possible. Not doing so can create more problems in the future, which means more money out of your pocket. If you aren’t sure if it’s your transmission that you are having trouble with, then keep reading. The following represents the top three indicators that your transmission is failing and may need a large amount of maintenance to remedy the issue.

Slow Shifting

When you accelerate, your transmission automatically shifts the gears in your engine to increase the torque and speed as you drive. If you notice that your gears are shifting slower than usual, it may be time to have the fluid levels of your transmission checked, and consider having it rebuilt if a low level is not the culprit.

Whining Sound

If you notice that there is a whining sound coming from under your hood that is more prevalent when you are accelerating, then it could be an indicator of a serious issue with your transmission. If the sound increases while driving uphill or when stopping suddenly, it could mean that your transmission will need to be replaced, as the damage could be too far beyond repair.

Not Switching Gears

If when you put your car in gear it is not engaging, your transmission may have stopped working completely. This will be most evident when trying to shift from a forward moving gear to reverse. You should have your car inspected immediately and do not attempt to drive it until the issue has been completely resolved. If you are at a loss on what to do with your car, then may be time to contact the professionals at S-O-S Transmissions to help you with Transmission Repair in Chicago IL. They will be able to fully diagnose the source of the issue and determine the best way to remedy the problem for the most affordable price. Contact them today so you can keep your car on the road for less.

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