Is it Time to Look at an Audi Q7 for Sale in Philadelphia?

When it is time to upgrade your transportation situation, you have a lot of options in the 21st Century. For instance, should you choose a car, SUV, or truck? You also have the choice of owning a new crossover vehicle when you check out an Audi Q7 for sale in Philadelphia PA or Camden NJ.

What is a Crossover?

As you check out a crossover vehicle, it may look like just a sport utility vehicle. However, looks can sometimes be deceiving unlike a standard SUV (which is made on a pickup truck chassis). An Audi Q7 for sale Philadelphia or Vorhees Township is made on a car chassis.

You have many of the benefits you enjoy with an SUV when you buy a crossover. For example, there is more room than many cars, and this is good for families with children. Crossovers are perfect for taking long car trips, and if you plan to carpool, they are worth considering too.

The Q7

Crossovers have many advantages, but they are not all the same. When you check out an Audi Q7 for sale in Philadelphia or Cherry Hill, the Q7 is ahead of the rest in many ways. It can seat as many as seven people while some crossovers have trouble with 6. It provides outstanding handling and performance and comes standard with 3-row seating.


The Q7 is a luxury vehicle while most crossovers are not. You get many comfort and convenience features. For improved performance, the Audi all-wheel-drive system delivers exceptional traction all year long.


Who says a luxury crossover cannot be tough? The Q7 can tow and go off the beaten path when you want to. If you like, choose the 329 horsepower engine for all the power you need.