It’s Important To Use An Experienced Auto Repair Shop in Biloxi MS For Repairs And Maintenance

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Auto Repair

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Automobiles today are a large investment that should be protected with routine maintenance by an experienced Auto Repair Shop in Biloxi MS. Older, European, Hybrid or classic cars can last for many years to come when they receive checkups and inspections. Preventive maintenance will keep a vehicle operating at peak performance and limit the chance of an unexpected breakdown. Routine maintenance can include:

* Oil Changes

* Transmission Fluid Replacement

* Power Steering Replacement

* Tune-ups With New Spark Plugs

* Air Filter Replacement

* Timing Belt Replacement

* Fuel Injection Cleaning & much more.

When you touch your brakes is there a high-pitched squeal? Does the steering wheel shake every time you apply the brake? These are warning signs that the brakes need to be fixed. For a car to stop smoothly, all of the parts must be in working order. A squealing sound is a warning the brake pads are becoming worn out. Failure to have the brakes repaired quickly will cause damage to the rotors on the car. Replacing rotors and calipers can cost more money than maintaining the brakes and replacing the pads. It’s essential the braking system work properly for the safety of a driver, passengers and other vehicles on the highway.

The owner often overlooks the transmission on an automobile until it begins to cause performance problems. An early sign of transmission problems is leaking transmission fluid. After a car is moved, it’s always recommended to look for any signs of leaking fluids. It’s difficult to miss transmission fluid on the ground because it’s bright red and has a very sweet or tar smell to it. If the transmission fluid is getting low, there’s a leak someone in the system. A transmission leak can cause serious damage to a vehicle and to the environment. A transmission should only be repaired by an experienced auto repair shop in Biloxi MS.

Prevent being broken down on the side of the highway with regular preventative maintenance by an experienced auto repair shop like Randy’s Quick Lube.

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