Know Your Options for Brake Controllers in North Dakota

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Automotive

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When pulling a trailer, camper, boat or anything else with substantial weight, it is essential to have a brake controller installed on the towing vehicle. These devices make it possible for the towing vehicle to engage the electric brakes on the camper, boat, trailer or other towable vehicle. There are two main types of brake controllers: proportional and time-delayed. Understanding the differences between the two will help to make the decision about which one is right for each individual situation.

Proportional Brake Controllers

The main advantage of this type of controller is that the amount of braking power delivered to the vehicle being towed is in direct proportion to the amount of brake power being applied in the vehicle doing the towing. This means that if there is an emergency stop necessary, the trailer or boat will get the necessary brake power as well. This also means that both sets of brakes will get a bit less wear and tear because only the amount of braking power needed will be applied. This type of controller can be a bit more expensive, but customers can go to one of the best places for Brake Controllers in North Dakota by visiting Website Domain. This is a great place to compare models and pricing.

Time-Delayed Brake Controllers

This type of brake controller works on more of a preset model rather than an immediate reaction model. The user can set the level of power that will be delivered to the trailer or boat. That power is activated once the brakes in the tow vehicle are engaged. There is a small delay, hence the name, between the tow vehicle braking and the trailer or boat brakes reaching the maximum power. There will always be a delay with this type of controller, but the settings for the delay can be adjusted.

Which One is Best?

Choosing between the two types of brake controllers really comes down to what type of driving and towing will be done the majority of the time. Working with the experts at Pioneer Wheel can help customers find the right Brake Controllers in North Dakota. Cost, braking performance, ease of installation and overall safety are all factors that should be considered.

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