Lincoln Car Dealers Name 4 Interesting Gifts for Your Car This Christmas

by | Dec 22, 2022 | Auto

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Besides anniversaries, birthdays, and Thanksgiving, the only other day throughout the year when gift-giving doesn’t feel awkward is Christmas. And be honest; when it comes to gift-giving, you wouldn’t mind going all out for people you think are deserving. But what about you? Don’t you think you deserve to receive gifts, too?

Instead of waiting for someone to surprise you with a Christmas present, why not give yourself a gift instead? Think of it as a reward for your hard work on every project or job you took this year. It doesn’t have to be fancy; better if it’s something useful. Lincoln car dealers have the most incredible ideas, but given the nature of their business, expect those ideas to have something to do with cars and driving, and that’s way cooler than a new shirt or wall clock. Here they are:

Digital breathalyzer

The week leading up to Christmas will be full of partying and heavy drinking. So, if you’re driving home, keep your blood alcohol content (BAC) level below 0.08 percent. But, of course, you cannot accurately measure the alcohol level in your blood, can you? So, unless you have your breathalyzer, all you can do is guess whether another glass could get you into trouble. So, perhaps a digital breathalyzer makes a fantastic Christmas present. This device helps you monitor your BAC level before driving to avoid a run-in with the law.

Thermo-electric cooler and warmer

Not all motorists have an electric cooler or heater in their vehicles. Most make do with the cups from the store and try to drink their coffee or tea as quickly as possible before it gets lukewarm. You can avoid that situation if you have a thermo-electric cooler and warmer, which is currently the rage among car owners. It’s a perfect device to have in your vehicle, especially in winter when you drink coffee a lot. Don’t wait for someone to get your hint on TikTok or Instagram. Just buy it yourself already. It feels more fulfilling that way.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

Any car owner understands the heartbreak of having dirty or stained seats. They know how difficult it is to remove stains from a car seat. Unlike the carpet in your house, you can’t use your vacuum cleaner on them. It’s also ill-advised to deep-clean them because you’d soak your car’s cabin, and the moisture might damage the electronics. But with a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can clean those dirty seats without damaging anything inside the vehicle. Lincoln dealerships, however, recommend getting one from an established brand over a newly launched one.

Battery jump starter

More car batteries die in winter than in any other season. And winter is the worst time to have a dead battery. You’ll be in big trouble if it happens to you while you’re miles away from the nearest workshop and there are no vehicles passing by. Having a fully functioning battery jump starter gives you peace of mind, as you know you can fix the problem in no time. This may also come in handy if someone on the road needs their battery jump-started and your car isn’t in the condition for towing.

There are plenty of items you can buy to improve your driving experience and to give yourself this Christmas. You can even give them to your loved ones and friends. Like you, they’ll love to get something they can use daily. Check out a Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in the New Orleans, LA and Covington, LA areas for more helpful tips.

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