Look into Window Repair in Westbury Before Winter Hits to Increase Energy Efficiency

A building’s windows provide both ambient light and protection against the elements, so it’s essential to keep them in good repair. In some circumstances, it’s best to simply replace the windows entirely, but a wide variety of problems can actually be fixed without the need for expensive replacement by a professional contractor with sufficient experience in window repair in Westbury.

Although seriously decayed or damaged window frames may require replacing, issues like rot and broken parts can often be repaired. In an ideal scenario, this damage should be caught early. Take a look at the window frames and see if there are any signs of water damage. Leaky windows can eventually lead to irreparable rot, but if caught early the leaks can be repaired and this problem can be avoided. Signs of condensation between glass layers are actually more cause for concern than leaks around the edges, and may require either replacement of the sash or even the entire window.

Energy inefficiency is one of the most common reasons property owners decide to replace their windows. In the long run, replacement can help lower energy bills, but it can take years to recoup the cost of installation. Taking a few less expensive measures to repair older windows can be helpful to those who are not ready to spend thousands to replace them with more energy-efficient models. Replacing the caulk around the edges and installing weather stripping are both inexpensive means of ensuring that less heat is able to escape. Be sure to apply caulk before winter hits, as the temperatures must be above 45 degrees for a proper seal to be formed. Weather stripping can be installed in temperatures as low as 20 degrees.

Installing storm windows before winter hits can make a huge difference in a building’s ability to hold in heat. A professional can perform this basic procedure quickly and at a reasonable cost. Although insulated windows are more effective, storm windows are significantly cheaper and do not require completely replacing the existing windows. Need Window Repair in Westbury or interested in finding more ways to increase the energy efficiency of old windows? Click here for more information.