Lost the Keys to Your Mercedes? How Parts Replacement Companies Can Help

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Auto Repair

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Having a Mercedes is great. Losing the keys to your Mercedes isn’t great. In fact, losing the keys is quite the opposite of great because it means that anyone finding the keys can steal your luxury vehicle and claim that you gave them the keys! Avoid that entire nightmare by first acknowledging and recording the date and time that you noticed that your keys were missing. Then contact a vehicle parts retailer. Here’s how the retailer can help you with the missing keys situation.

Get the New Keys and the Key Coding System

You will need to purchase a new set of keys for your Mercedes, along with a new ignition and a new Mercedes key programming system. The Mercedes key programming system connects the keys’ signals and the ignition to the on-board computer and programs the on-board computer to accept the new key codes as valid. Without all of these items, you cannot and will not be able to drive your vehicle.

Ask the Retailer for the Correct Make, Model, and Year of Mercedes Parts

Mercedes makes a lot of different luxury vehicles. You can’t simply ask for a Mercedes set of keys and accompanying components without asking for the right make, model, and year. The retailer can help you find exactly what you need prior to placing an order for these parts.

Have Them Installed by a Mercedes Dealership Mechanic

To make sure these parts are installed properly, only hire a Mercedes-certified mechanic. If you are ready to buy your new keys and parts, contact Abrites USA.

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