Make That Vehicle Functional Again With Professional Auto Repair Services in Lansing MI

Automobiles break down all the time and for a variety of reasons. For instance, the engine can overheat and shut the vehicle down. An overheated engine can result from several problems including a ruptured hose, broken thermostat, fractured radiator or worse, a cracked head or blown head gasket. Some of these problems are easy to fix like replacing the broken hose, but fixing a cracked cylinder head or gasket requires extensive knowledge and specific tools. This is where reliable Auto Repair Services in Lansing MI can help. Professional mechanics are used to handling tough jobs like these.

One way to avoid wear and tear to a vehicle is regular maintenance. This can involve many things including wheel alignments, tire rotation and inspecting the suspension. Maintenance should also include transmission fluid and engine oil changes. Changing the fluid in the transmission helps remove any grime that accumulates inside it. Fresh engine oil reduces internal wear and helps lower operating temperature. These fluids are vital for ensuring the engine and transmission function properly. Dirty oil actually brings more gunk into the engine, and this can cause even more wear.

Vehicle suspension is one of those Auto Repair Services in Lansing MI that people tend to forget about. However, a faulty suspension system can affect the way the vehicle handles and may even result in excessive tire wear. There are various components that make up the suspension system including shocks and struts. Replacing these components as soon as they fail can reduce the chance of damage to other areas such as steering linkages, ball joints, and wheel bearings.

One option that many vehicle owners enjoy is air conditioning. Unfortunately, this is another aspect of a vehicle that can be difficult to repair. The most likely component to fail in this system is the condenser unit that is mounted on the engine. The condenser uses a clutch that cycles the compressor on and off, and constant usage may cause failure. Another area where the AC can fail is the coils that collect and release heat. One will be located inside the vehicle, and the other is usually close to the radiator. A leak in the coil will allow refrigerant to escape and could burn out the condenser. Learn more about vehicle repair from the experts at Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service.