Most Common Problems Requiring Semi-Truck Repair in Sulphur LA

Semi-trucks or tractor trailers are used for hauling goods long distances, often from wholesalers to retailers, and they represent a very important phase of business. When loads aren’t delivered on time, a company can lose money or good reputation. The safety of the truck drivers is, of course, another reason to keep trucks in the best possible condition. Regular maintenance and safe driving practices are crucial in the trucking business to prevent unnecessary downtime and repairs. The following are some of the most common causes for Semi-Truck Repair in Sulphur LA.

The top reason for roadside breakdowns for semi-trucks is tire repairs. Often a flat or blown tire is due to under-inflated tires that cannot support the weight of the cargo. It may also result from a lack of attention to tire tread depth.

Towing problems are another common reason for repair. Usually, truckers notice a problem when the trailer begins to sway. Trailer sway is extremely dangerous and can be deadly if it gets out of control. It is often caused by an unbalanced trailer or a trailer with a high center of gravity. Swaying, or fishtailing, can also be caused when there is not enough weight pressing down on the hitch.

Failing brakes are another common and dangerous problem on the road. Brake problems can be caused by corrosion, by internal water and contamination in the air supply and control system, air pressure leakage, and brake system pressure and timing imbalance, among other things. Proper maintenance can keep brakes functioning safely until they need to be replaced.

Electrical problems are also a frequent cause for repair. These can occur in the cranking system, the charging system, and the lighting system. Drivers may be putting too much of a load on the electrical system for their comfort needs.

In addition, the cooling system for the engine may break down. The most common problem is a leak in one of the coolant lines. Long-life coolants and high-quality hoses and clamps can help prevent this problem. If you have a need for Semi-Truck Repair in Sulphur LA, click here for more information about one company that provides a wide range of truck maintenance, repair, and body collision repair services throughout Lake Charles and Sulphur, LA.