Myths Behind Auto Repair in East Lansing MI

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Automotive

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There’s a significant amount of information online concerning Auto Repair in East Lansing MI, but much of it is misinformation based on common auto repair myths. Some people are convinced that they can save money by doing their own auto repairs. Regardless of the nature of the untrue information, it can keep a driver from getting the maintenance a car needs. Below are the truths behind some of the most common car care myths.

It’s Always Expensive

The main misconception about professional auto repair is its high cost. The expense is relative. While taking a car in for service costs money, the owner should consider that the technician’s expertise and experience can keep a car in top condition for longer. Therefore, professional repairs provide the best value for the money, and they can help the owner protect their investment.

It’s Simple

DIY auto repairs can be helpful in some cases, such as an oil change or a coolant top-off. However, major issues should be handled by someone with industry experience. Most drivers don’t have the skills needed to correct serious issues, and attempted repairs can harm more than help.

It is Dangerous

While some mechanics know little about Auto Repair in East Lansing MI, they still run repair shops. However, this does not mean that professional service carries a high level of risk. A quick online search can help a driver find the best repair shops in the area.

It is a Gamble

Some auto owners feel that visiting a repair shop is like gambling because there’s no guarantee that a tech can find and solve the problem. However, a reliable shop will offer a guarantee or warranty on service. That means if anything goes wrong, the owner pays nothing extra for the issue to be resolved.

It’s a Rip-Off

Many people believe that professional auto service is a scam and that a dishonest mechanic will try to bill the owner for unnecessary repairs. If a driver carefully selects an honest and reliable shop like Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service, however, they’re less likely to pay for repairs they don’t need.

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