PPI Private Property Impound Software Is Ideal for Companies in Cleveland

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Parking

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PPI property management software has tons of advantages compared to doing things by hand. Since it can detect whether a car has made a violation, it doesn’t miss any opportunities. In fact, they’ve added license plate recognition to its features, too. As a result, you can use a detector to scan them while driving around the lot.

If it spots a car violating the rules, it’ll notify you immediately. So, you can get to work and issue a citation. Plus, it has a calling system to get ahold of nearby tow trucks. Once it has notified them, they’ll impound the vehicle in question, storing it securely. PPI property management cuts costs by reducing wasted trips, too.

PPI Private Property Impound

PPI Software combines several features to create an all-in-one solution. Perfect for any job, it makes it easy to manage the company. Since PPI software prioritizes patrol routes, more tows happen all the time. So, you’ll see increased production as soon as it has finished being installed.

PPI Software Solution

Besides tracking cars, it also tracks your performance and creates yield reports. After the month is over, the reports show you how it went. So, if there’s an area with tons of potential, you’ll see it there. Then, it’s not hard to send more drivers to that spot, increasing their odds of towing something. That’s how it has boosted the profits of so many companies. Contact Ranger SST to learn more.

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