RAM Dealership in Las Cruces, NM Endorses Practical Car Modifications

For real car enthusiasts, pimping their ride is one way of expressing their true selves. However, not everybody has the infinite budget to pay for all the car modifications they want. Not to mention, most of the car modifications out there have minimal or marginal benefits on their car’s overall performance.

Luckily, RAM dealership in Las Cruces, NM has a list of top practical car modifications every owner must consider getting. With these modifications, you’ll get to improve your car’s visuals and performance without breaking the bank.

Upgraded tune-up parts

Very few people actually care what goes on under their hoods. They are just happy to invest in modifications that make their vehicles look pretty on the outside without thinking of how it affects its performance under the hood. If you truly want to get your money’s worth, you should at least save some of your budget to afford better tune up parts like spark plugs and air filters.

Upgrading these parts doesn’t cost as much, but they can last longer than the usual cheap ones that you can buy from the store. These simple adjustments can also help you maximize your car’s fuel economy and power.

Sport seat upgrades

Whether you are an avid racer or you just want your car to feel like a race carl, upgrading your interior cabin to sport seats will make your car look cooler than usual. Aside from being a crowd-pleaser, sport seats can also provide comfort and lumbar support to improve your driving position.

A word of caution, though: actual racing seats might not be suitable (or legal) for common cars, as they require using a harness rather than a seatbelt. Should you ever have the need for actual racing chairs, you’ll need to find a manufacturer with a track record for manufacturing chairs suitable for street cars. Otherwise, you can always opt to buy seat covers instead. This can also give your car a fresh new look, and they are easier to install.

Soup up your ride with body kits

Freshen up your car’s cosmetic look by getting a body kit. A body kit is one of the most popular ways to enhance a vehicle’s look as well as performance. It usually consists of four major parts: front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, and grille inserts. Though there are universal body kits in the market, it’s far better to choose a body kit that is suitable for your vehicle to make it look sleeker.

Find high performance alternatives for your tires

Tires are an important component of your vehicle. While most people just look at brands and prices, those who know better always consider performance tires as well. The right tire for your vehicle depends on a number of factors, such as road conditions and geographic area.

A Dodge dealership in El Paso, TX suggests that, as a general rule, all-season tires can be used for all driving conditions while all-terrain tires can be driven over off-roads and paved roads. However, there are other categories that you can choose from depending on the situation. For example, if you live in an area with prolonged winters, then it’s better to get two sets of tires: one for winter and one for summer.

When looking at high performance alternatives, you should pay attention to the tire’s speed rating. Most car tires come with an “S” rating, meaning that they are safe to drive up to 112 miles per hour. Performance tires, on the other hand, come with a “Z” rating which means that it can be safely driven up to 186 miles per hour.

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