Some Common Problems with Manual Transmissions in Grand Rapids, MI

by | May 24, 2017 | Auto Repair

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The transmission is one of the most complex parts of your vehicle; it is made up of dozens of interlocking gears that have to move smoothly to fit together. It has very small tolerances for misalignment. The transmission transmits power from the engine to the vehicle’s axles. Transmissions are also susceptible to several errors. They can fail due to mechanical failure or due to human error. When it comes to manual vehicles, the most common cause is human error. Here are some of the warning signs of transmission failure.

Grinding Sounds

One of the most common problems with transmissions in Grand Rapids, MI is grinding. A grinding sound is an indication that something has become misaligned. When you press the clutch, is disengages the transmission from the engine. That allows you to shift, and the gears literally move from one position to another, sliding past each other. When they are not aligned properly, they’ll grind against one another as they try to find their position. That grinding sound is often accompanied by the feeling of the gears actually grinding.

You can usually feel that in your gear shift. Visit the website of a quality mechanic to see what can be done about your problem.

Rough Shifts

If you have been driving a manual for a while, you likely be able to shift without any real disruption. However, if your shifting suddenly becomes rougher, you could have a couple of problems that are common with transmissions. You could have a simple problem of dirty or missing transmission fluid. A transmission flush would solve that. Alternately, you could have a problem that is more severe.

Some of the more severe problems include problems with the gears themselves. It can be very difficult to know the difference between a small problem and a big problem. You’ll need to take your vehicle to an expert to determine what is wrong with it. Click here for more information.

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