Subaru Services That Will Extend the Life of Your Car in California

As the owner of a Subaru vehicle, you realize that your vehicle is fun to drive, and you want to enjoy it as long as you can. To ensure that it remains stable and safe as you add more miles to it, you should refill the fluid, rotate the tires, and get timely repairs. Below are Subaru services that will help extend the life of your vehicle.

Oil Change

Even before you started driving, you may have heard your family talk about the significance of changing the oil in your car or SUV. This advice is crucial because clean oil will keep the engine lubricated and cooled. If you keep driving with dirty oil, the filter and engine get filled with sludge, and the vehicle cannot operate efficiently. Use your owner’s manual to determine how often you need the oil change. Or, ask a technician about the best time for Subaru service in San Francisco, CA.

Replace the Fluids

Engine oil is extremely important, but the other fluids in your vehicle need attention also. The radiator coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid should be checked regularly and refilled as needed. Keeping a watch on these will help you quickly spot any leaks that could cause major damage to your vehicle. Instead of managing these on your own, try a Subaru service in San Francisco, CA, to get it completed quickly and correctly.

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