The Basics Of Certified Pre-Owned Car Programs

Vehicles that are purchased privately or from independent used car dealers cannot be certified, a certified pre-owned Chevy in Bolingbrook is a vehicle that has been inspected from one end to the other in compliance with the manufacturers standard and once certified is given a manufacturer backed warranty. These high end used cars are only available through licensed new vehicle dealerships; they have limits on their age and mileage.

What are the benefits of a certified pre-owned vehicle?

One of the principal benefits of buying a pre-owned Chevy in Bolingbrook is the price. A two year old certified pre-owned vehicle will typically save the buyer between 20 and 25 percent versus a brand new car; four year old models often can be had at a 40 percent discount over a new model.

Not only are the prices far lower, these vehicles have been evaluated using a check list that has been specified by the manufacturer, many of these checklists encompass at least 150 individual points, some far more. When you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle you should expect a history report which provides a great deal of information about the vehicles past.

If great prices and a history report do not ease your mind, perhaps the warranty will. Every certified pre-owned vehicle has a manufacturer-backed warranty which is often an extension of the factory warranty given with a new car.

Is a certified pre-owned car right for you?

Although a certified pre-owned car will cost a little more than a regular used car the benefits are well worth the price. Many of these vehicles were originally leased cars, this

in itself guarantees that they are low mileage and well maintained. A pre-owned Chevy in Bolingbrook may be a couple of years old but it can be almost as good as a new car without your having to suffer the depreciation.

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