The Benefits of a Car Wash in Wheeling, IL

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Automotive

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When it comes to the winters in a place like Wheeling, IL, the treatment the roads receive to make them driveable is nice and it makes getting around possible during the ice and snow. However, these treatments can cause a huge problem for the finish of a vehicle. Salt treatments for the road can quickly cause the corrosion of the metal the body of a vehicle is made out of. That is why the use of a professional Car Wash in Wheeling IL is imperative.

The Importance of a Car Wash

Having a car washed periodically over the winter will effectively protect its body from corrosion. However, it can also effectively protect the vehicle’s finish. While salt can cause metal corrosion, these road treatments can damage painted finishes. Salt can cause the paint to become dull and oxidized. This salt compound can also destroy the clear coat that is supposed to protect a painted finish. The finish helps give a vehicle it’s brilliant shine. Sometimes, something as simple as washing the car can help protect the automotive finish.


However, a car wash isn’t the only thing that can benefit the finish of a vehicle. Sometimes, because of the weather elements and time, a painted finish can grow a bit dull, even if salt treatments are routinely washed off. In these instances, auto detailing services can also add a wax coating to the automotive finish. This is usually accomplished in several steps.

The Detailing Process

The first step is to wash the car thoroughly. The second step is to use a cleaner wax. This compound will help to remove the deeply set in dirt and debris that can easily settle into the painted finish. When the finish is completely smooth, the next step is to add a protective coat of finishing wax. This will protect the car from the elements as well as giving it a shine that looks like the car just drove off the factory floor.

As you can see, detailing services like a Car Wash in Wheeling IL, as well as cleaning and protective waxing coatings, can help the health as well as the look of your automotive finish. If you have any questions regarding auto detailing services of any kind, you may want to check out a website like visit the website. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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