The Popularity Of The Hyundai Kona

Over the last decade, the popularity of SUVs has dramatically increased throughout the country. Car buyers in Montclair, NJ, looking for a top compact crossover SUV have a lot of different makes and models to choose from. Still, none offer the same features and value as the Hyundai Kona.

The entire Hyundai line of vehicles is known for its value, reliability, and overall drivability. In addition, Hyundai has been out in front of the curve when it comes to adding safety and driver-assist features as standard throughout the line. Hyundai is also known for its cutting-edge style and design. It gives a different look to their SUVs from the multitude of options on other dealership lots.

A New Vehicle

The Hyundai Kona Montclair NJ was first released in 2018, which means it is a new vehicle built with modern technology and features. This SUV has put technology in the forefront, offering wireless charging pads, standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on all trim levels, and USB charging ports to keep devices going even while on the road.

In addition to technology, the driver attention warning provides an additional level of safety in the vehicle. Using different sensors and recognizing driver behaviors, the warning system provides audible signals to alert a driver if he or she seems to be getting drowsy.

Driving Experience

Drivability and handling with the Hyundai Kona make this a fun vehicle to have on the road. It includes a multi-link suspension that minimizes any rough road conditions, providing a comfortable ride even for long hours of travel. The vehicle is also responsive and corners well, making it an exciting vehicle for those who love to drive throughout the Montclair, NJ, area.