Tips to Prevent Damage During Towing in Howell, NJ

If you need to get your vehicle to the mechanic, chances are you are going to call a professional service that offers towing in Howell, NJ. While it is the job of the professionals to ensure no damage occurs to your vehicle, you can take steps to safeguard your car, too. When you know what to do, you don’t have to worry about costly vehicle damage caused by it being towed. If you want to make sure no towing damage occurs, be sure to use the tips here.

Put Your Vehicle in Neutral

During towing in Howell, NJ it’s imperative a vehicle is put in neutral. One of the main reasons many vehicles are damaged after being towed due to illegal parking is because the parking brake is engaged. If you are having your vehicle towed, make sure you put it in neutral first. This will ensure the wheels roll with ease and that no damage occurs.

Use Lights

In addition to putting the vehicle in neutral before having your vehicle towed, it’s also important to turn on the lights, especially if it is being towed at night. This will help ensure your car can be clearly seen by other vehicles. While most tow truck drivers are going to know to do this, it doesn’t hurt for you to know as well.

Find a Reputable Service Provider

If you need a tow, the absolute best thing you can do is find the right towing company for your needs. Be sure the company is reputable and they have past experience.

Additional information about using a service offering towing in Howell, NJ can be found by visiting the Affordable Auto Repair website.