Top Reasons To Lease A Subaru

When it comes to new vehicles, most people in the Clifton, NJ, area only think about buying the vehicle. Purchasing a vehicle at a local Subaru dealer can be cost-effective for many buyers, while leasing may be the right choice for others.

Advantages of Leasing

For those buyers who may not have a significant down payment and who are looking for smaller monthly payments on a new car, leasing from a Subaru dealership in Clifton, NJ may be the ideal option.

Leasing typically involves a small deposit, or with some specials and events, no deposit at all. At the same time, buyers have a much lower monthly payment, and you can customize the lease to meet your specific needs. If you are considering leasing a new vehicle, here are some benefits to consider:

  • Length of the lease – most people purchasing a vehicle have at least 60 months of payments. Leasing allows for customization of the length of the lease, allowing you to upgrade to a new year model when the current two or three-year lease is over.
  • Incentives – just like a car purchase, Subaru dealerships in Clifton, NJ offer lease incentives as well. Leasing is typically offered on limited numbers of vehicles on the lot, so it is important to keep informed as to the incentives and programs running. In most cases, the cost of leasing is about half of the cost of monthly payments when buying.
  • Customize the terms – leasing is ideal for those who know how far they drive. Most leases use a 12,000-mile annual limit, but there are some that provide options for lower monthly lease rates if drivers stay under 10,000 miles per year.

As a car buyer in Clifton, NJ, comparing options and considering a leased vehicle is a wise decision before making a purchase.