What Are the Hottest Volkswagen Cars in 2020?

Eight decades of providing you with classic wheels and sophisticated design– and Volkswagen isn’t done just yet.

Established in 1937, Volkswagen, which translates to “people’s car” in German, is still very much in and is still a head-turner for motorists and car enthusiasts. I mean, who hasn’t seen a Volkswagen Beetle, right? The company’s innovative design and a wide range of car models, that matches the taste of every car enthusiast, are just a few of the reasons why Volkswagen continues to thrive in the automobile industry.

Do you want to know what this Volkswagen fuss is all about? You can see it for yourself and even buy your own at any Volkswagen dealers in Albuquerque NM! And if you ever need a little heads up on this trend, you’re in for a ride as I will be sharing with you THE hottest Volkswagen cars in 2020!

1. 2020 Golf Mark 8

The new Mark 8 Volkswagen Golf keeps a familiar resemblance with its antecedent model, the Mark 7. Its rear taillights and fog lights are very much the same, although a closer look will unveil its nip distinction.

Golf Mark 8 has side mirrors placed a little lower, longer rear doors (possibly for wider legroom), a longer wheelbase, and a more athletic overall rear design. It also has an improved engine for more horsepower and a smoother drive.

Aside from these minute differences, nothing much is revolutionized in this important model of the Volkswagen. If the current-generation Golf design captured your heart, then this refined Golf is definitely for you!

2. 2020 Atlas Cross Sport

If the difference between Mark 7 and Mark 8 isn’t obvious at first glance, Volkswagen took a more daring take on the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport.

A shorter and a more shrunken down Atlas comes to notice with the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport’s curb rear which gives it an edgy and more athletic feel. Its frameless doors also give this handsome car more swag. But enough about its exterior, how it runs is also important, right?

Well, this model won’t disappoint as 2020 Atlas Cross Sport provides a lower and easy-maneuver for its driver, plus a more controlled feel of the road compared to the standard Atlas.

If you are fascinated by the features of the standard Atlas but finds it too big for your liking, then you should give this 2020 Atlas Cross Sport a chance.

3. 2020 Jetta GLI

This sporty sedan model with an enthralling GTI is undeniably one for the books! Dubbed as “body of a sedan, heart of a GTI”, this 2020 Jetta GLI is a complete package of a high-performing engine and a classy, sophisticated exterior. It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a manual or an automatic person. With this model, you can choose between a six-speed shift and a seven-speed DSG.

It’s always good to have options, right? Getting yourself this 2020 Jetta GLI is like having your cake and eating it too!

All these exciting models and more are coming your way! Are you interested in upgrading your vehicle in 2020? Contact FiestaVW.com today!