What to Look for in a Used Car When You Are at the Dealership

You may already know what make and model you want when you are ready to shop for a used car. Don’t confine yourself to one used car dealership in Lafayette, IN. Even though a dealership may specialize in a particular make of vehicles, they’ll often carry a wide range of cars in their pre-owned inventory. This is generally due to vehicles they take in on trade. When you head to the lot to inspect the used car selection, take some tips on what your priorities should be before you buy.

Find Out What the Dealership Has to Offer You
You are planning on giving your business to a used car dealership in Lafayette, IN. Your dealer should offer you something in return. For example, expect at least a 30-day warranty. You may also have the benefit of 1,000 miles that are covered by the dealership in the event that there is an issue with your vehicle of choice. If your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll have an added bonus. Typical warranties from the car manufacturer generally last up to three years or 36,000 miles. Talk to your dealership about any other special programs offered to customers. Some may give you the additional perk of a certain number of oil changes or discounts on service visits.

Have More Confidence in What You Buy
Every state has a lemon law for new cars. If the car has a large number of problems from the start, the manufacturer or dealership will need to remedy the situation. Several states also have lemon laws for used cars. As a result, your used car dealership in Lafayette, IN, is going to stress the importance of making sure their inventory is in good shape. Before you buy any used vehicle, ask if it is a certified pre-owned car. This means the vehicle will have gone through a more extensive inspection and repair process.