What You Can Do to Make Your 1964 Ford Galaxie Shine at Car Shows

You have a beautiful vehicle from the 60s and are working hard to restore it. You found some 1964 Ford Galaxie parts, and you are having the vehicle worked on by professionals. You probably can’t wait to show off the car, which is why you are considering entering a classic car show. The following tips will help you do this right and give you a chance to win.

Fit the Theme

Almost all classic car shows have a theme. It is important that you find out what the theme is for the show to see if your vehicle matches. Some shows are looking for bizarre vehicles while others are looking for vehicles of a certain era. Stick to the theme, and find a show that fits your Ford best. This should help increase the chances of winning.


Prestigious car shows are always going to give a vehicle points for having original parts, so you are really going to have to make sure you get 1964 Ford Galaxie parts for your vehicle. Make sure these parts shine and look beautiful when you arrive at the show.

Be Selective

Car shows see a lot of entries, and they are hungry for special vehicles they do not see often. For this reason, you do not want to enter your vehicle into every car show contest that comes along. Overexposing your vehicle makes it less of a find, so try to be as selective as you can when entering your Ford to give yourself a better chance of getting in and winning.

This information should help increase your chances of placing in one of the car shows you enter. Be sure to get additional tips from professionals who can ensure you do everything you can to keep your car in tip-top shape.