What You Should Know About Car Salvage in New Haven, CT

There are plenty of car salvage stations around Connecticut. Basically, if you want to get rid of an old vehicle and wish to completely scrap it, you can contact a salvage station to take care of the problem for you. The salvage station will send over a team to inspect the car and check its condition before deciding what it’s worth. If the car has been completely damaged or totaled and doesn’t have any market value, they will negotiate a small price for it and take the car off your hands. However, what does the car salvage station do with a hunk of metal that’s got no value on the market?

Scrapping for Parts

The most common thing that a salvage station does with most vehicles is that they scrap them completely for parts. All of the major components are removed from the vehicle and they are put online. You can visit any station that deals in car salvage in New Haven, CT and look for parts for used vehicles that might not be readily available on the market. Scrapping for parts is the most common thing that’s done at the salvage station. If you are interested in buying used parts for your vehicle, you can visit us and check our scrapyard.

Other Services

As you can understand, many hard-to-find parts are generally available at a salvage yard. However, apart from simply scrapping vehicles, these companies also offer a litany of other services. For instance, if you have been involved in an accident, you can contact the company to send over a tow truck, pick your car up, and take it to the closest repair shop, especially if it’s not in a drivable state anymore.