When Choosing a 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer, Visit RV Dealers In Des Moines

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Automotive

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When making the decision to purchase a tow-behind RV, it’s important to determine if it is better to purchase a 5th-Wheel or a standard travel trailer. Of course, there are pros and cons to both. It’s important to weigh the options to know which type of recreational vehicle better fits the need of the purchaser. Considerations such as cost, type of tow vehicle, and size of family are all important factors in determining which model is the better option.

When searching the inventory at various RV dealers in Des Moines, the cost is usually one of the first considerations that must be determined. Travel trailers usually are less expensive than a similarly sized 5th-wheel. 5th-wheels generally are heavier than travel trailers, with higher ceilings and more upscale options both inside and out. Because of their towing configuration, the 5th-wheel is known to pull easier than a travel trailer, an appealing advantage to a less experienced driver, but that advantage does come with a price.

The tow vehicle the purchaser already owns, or plans to purchase, may determine the type of RV that is ultimately chosen. The 5th-wheel demands a full-sized pickup truck as the tow vehicle. The tow hitch must be installed permanently in the bed of the truck. A travel trailer may be pulled with either a full-sized pickup truck or a Sport Utility Vehicle, as the travel trailer is lighter and the hitch attaches only to the bumper for towing.

The size of the family may also determine which type RV is the better choice. A family of six or more may have a problem trying to fit everyone into the required pickup truck necessary for a 5th-wheel camper. A travel trailer with a large SUV may fit their needs better. Generally, it is agreed that a 5th-wheel has more room than a travel trailer, but either model with a bunkhouse layout may have either one or two sets of bunk beds in the back of the RV, lending itself ideally for sleeping many children easily. The 5th-wheel usually has a large bedroom upstairs in the front, great for a couple or parents that prefer a little extra privacy.

After visiting Imperial RV Center or other RV dealers in Des Moines, no matter which RV style is chosen, know that camping together brings families together and there will be many wonderful memories made along the way.

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