Why All Drivers Should Try to Avoid Potholes on Roads in Jacksonville

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Auto Repair

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Whenever you encounter a pothole, you should try to avoid it safely. If you frequently maneuver your automobile over multiple potholes, you will need to schedule an appointment for automotive repairs.

Potholes Cause Tire Damage

Small potholes can scratch the rubber on a tire. When you encounter these potholes on a highway, you may be able to dodge them. Large potholes are very dangerous because they’re harder to avoid. If you roll over these potholes, they can puncture a tire.

In some cases, you may not notice any tire damage until after you step out of your vehicle. For example, if you drive over a huge pothole, you might find a bulge on a tire’s sidewall.

Potholes Can Destroy Rims

Aluminum isn’t the strongest material for a tire rim. If an aluminum rim dips into a deep pothole, it will most likely develop a dent. While a rim is dented, a tire will have a gap where there should be a seal against the rubber and the rim. This is a problem because a broken seal can accelerate an air leak.

Potholes Can Break a Suspension System

When a tire drops into a very deep pothole, a suspension system’s linkages, springs, and shocks will smash against the pavement. If a pothole has damaged your vehicle’s suspension components in this manner, you’ll need suspension repair in Jacksonville in FL.

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