Why Choose Certified Pre-Owned Used Cars For Sale

by | May 27, 2021 | Car Dealership

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When it comes to used cars for sale, dealerships around Montclair, NJ, provide buyers with two different options. Both types of pre-owned vehicles are a great option. However, for many buyers, the certified pre-owned vehicles offer added perks that are well worth considering.

All certified pre-owned vehicles are used cars. In order to qualify for the manufacturer’s program, the vehicle can only be so old and have a limited number of miles on the odometer. While this varies between manufacturers, it is typically five or six model years or newer and less than 75,000 miles. Some manufacturers have lower mileage allowances of 50,000 miles.

Low Mileage

A large number of certified pre-owned vehicles are significantly under this mileage allowance. It is not uncommon to find vehicles that are in the certified pre-owned program and have less than a few thousand miles. Occasionally mileage may be only a few hundred miles, meaning the vehicle is almost brand new.

This low mileage is not common with other used cars for sale on the lot, which means increased component wear with use.

Most of the Features of the New Model

Shopping different lots for newer models of certified pre-owned used cars for sale Montclair NJ provides the buyers with most or all of the features of the new year model. These vehicles feature the latest in technology, driver-assist systems, and safety features.

In addition, if the original owner added a package or optional features, these are also included in the quoted price, which adds to the value of the vehicle while still saving money.

Finally, a certified pre-owned vehicle comes with a warranty and roadside assistance, providing the Montclair, NJ, car buyer with peace of mind at a great price.

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