A 2016 Outback Is Just What You’ve Been Looking For

You’ve probably noticed a lot of used Subarus on the road. You’ve probably noticed a lot of newer ones too. Subaru has been doing what companies such as Honda and Toyota have done and some more. Not only have they proved to build safe and reliable cars that last into the high 200 thousand plus mile range, they’ve done it while offering almost every model in symmetrical all-wheel drive (the rear-driven BRZ is not). Subaru has a great reputation for providing an all-wheel drive option that you can take on adventures camping, into the mountains, on road trips to visit grandma and grandpa while providing plenty of space to pack along everything you and your family needs. Not only is it great for traveling, it’s great around town too: whether it’s loading up a few young soccer champs to head out for pizza or packing in party supplies from the grocery store, Subaru offers models perfect for the whole family.

Making A Lasting Impression

While other companies sell comparable vehicles, few can do what most Subarus do with the same miles per gallon. While the Forrester was introduced as a crossover SUV, it hardly acted like a sport Utility Vehicles of its time. Sure it could do everything an SUC could, but it didn’t gobble gas like others in its class. With more Americans becoming more concerned with the environment and looking to save money at the gas pump, more are moving away from bigger than life SUV’s. As a result, SUV crossovers and sport wagons are becoming more popular. The new Subaru Outback, Forrester, Crosstrek and Impreza Sedan are all very popular options in this category that are making a big impression on the competition.

Finding A Subaru For You

If you’re interested in finding a new Subaru Outback in Frankfort, you have a few options. Searching dealership’s inventory is only a few clicks away. Building a custom Subaru is also a great option if inventory is low in your area. Odds are you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new Subaru Outback in Frankfort. Subaru’s 2016 models are built with tried and true engineering and punctuated with stylized lines, colors and the rugged looks consumers want. And as a result, more and more Subaru’s are being purchased while the older, trusty Subaru wagons of yesteryear are still cruising along happy to see the newer models having their day in the sun. There isn’t a better time to buy a Subaru than right now.

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