Components to Consider Adding to Your Prisoner Transport Vehicle

As a law enforcement official, you have a daunting job. You have to serve and protect, while transporting criminals from location to location. In many cases, this means that you need to make upgrades to your prisoner transport systems. Some of the most common upgrades or additions to consider adding to your vehicle can be found here.

Aftermarket Cooling and Heating System
Avoid discomfort in the rear compartment where prisoners are seated. This is possible with the aftermarket system. This connects the front HVAC system in the vehicle to offer rear climate control. Those in the front of the vehicle are still in control of the temperature.

Audio Visual Alarm
There is no question that there are a number of risks associated with transporting prisoners. It is essential that you know when the back doors to the rear compartment are opened. One way to be notified when this occurs is to install an audio visual alarm. This system will activate a buzzer and display a warning light when the doors at the rear are opened.

An Intercom System
When you install an intercom system in your prisoner transport vehicle, it will allow you to hear what is going on in the rear compartment. This ensures that you do not have any unexpected surprises when you open the doors. Most of these systems offer a push to talk feature.

Rear Flip-Down Step
One of the most difficult parts of getting a prisoner in a vehicle safely is doing so while they are handcuffed. Having to step up into a van can be dangerous and pose the risk for a potential injury. However, with a flip down step, you can ensure safe entry and exit from the vehicle. Be sure the step purchased is compatible with your particular vehicle.

Video System
In addition to hearing what is going on in the rear compartment, it is beneficial to be able to see what is going on, as well. Video systems allow you to do just that and ensure you are in control of the situation at all times.

Purchasing the right accessories and features for your prisoner transport vehicle is essential. This will help ensure that you remain in control and that prisoners are not injured or have other issues during the transport process. Take the time to review the options to find the ones that are best for your needs.