Benef its of Custom Vehicle Tuning in Phoenix, AZ

by | May 27, 2019 | Auto Repair

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There has been a lot of hype in recent years surrounding vehicle tuning, yet some drivers find themselves less than satisfied with their generic tunes. This is due largely to the fact that generic tunes just aren’t designed to provide optimal performance enhancement under all possible conditions. Instead of writing off vehicle tunes, altogether, read on to find out about the benefits of switching to custom vehicle tuning in Phoenix AZ from generic tunes.

Dramatically Improved Adjustability

Many drivers install standard, generic tunes under the assumption that they’ll be able to use their tuning boxes to adjust fuel quantity within their vehicles’ entire range of rpm. In reality, this can only be done with Custom Vehicle Tuning in Phoenix AZ. A standard tune will only allow drivers to adjust their boost and fuel to within a certain pre-set level.

Fix Factory Flaws

Few, if any, vehicles come straight from the factory able to perform at peak levels. Similarly, few generic tunes are able to fix every problem with factory cars and trucks. Whether they’re driving domestic trucks or imported sports cars, most drivers will find that custom tunes are able to offer a better solution to factory flaws.

Dynamic EGR Control

It is possible to get improved EGR control with custom tunes. That means the EGR can be turned on while the engine is cold to allow it to heat up more efficiently, improving its fuel economy and the speed at which its in-cabin heat begins to function in addition to reducing wear and tear. Once the engine has been warmed up, a custom tune can turn off the EGR to prevent unnecessary soot build-up in the vehicle’s intake.

Better Scalability

Standard tuning boxes are only designed to operate with stock turbo and small upgrades, yet many drivers who want to take advantage of tunes have modified vehicles. The best solution is to find a shop that can help.

Get Started Today

Want to learn more about custom vehicle tunes but not sure where to get started? Don’t settle for working with just any shop. Browse our website for additional information or call to schedule an appointment to speak with a dedicated mechanic today.

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