Buy Your New Car from a Reliable and Reputable Knoxville, TN, Dealership

While buying a new car may not be for everyone, there are several reasons why it’s a great idea. When you purchase one from a Ford new car dealership in Knoxville, TN, you’re provided with a full warranty. You’ll also be able to track all of the vehicle’s maintenance history. Do you require financing? You’ll usually get better rates when you buy a new car rather than one that’s been used.

A Full Warranty

When you purchase a vehicle from a Ford new car Knoxville, TN, dealership that has come fresh from the factory, it will come with a full warranty, which helps guarantee against having problems with certain components for a set amount of time. This helps provide peace of mind and is an excellent benefit to have, especially when you consider how expensive it can be to repair an automobile.

Control of Maintenance History

When you’re the original owner of a car, truck or SUV, you’ll know every aspect of your vehicle after you start driving it. You’ll know exactly how the car is being treated every day. Without this knowledge, it leaves you in the dark, which is not good when you’re spending a fair amount of money on this type of investment. There won’t be any guessing on factors such as oil changes or how hard your car is being driven when you are the only driver.

Advantageous Finance Rates

Typically, you’ll receive a better finance rate when you purchase a new car versus a preowned automobile. This is due to the value of a new car, which creates better collateral for a lender. If you have good credit and can receive financing, you may be able to save a point or two when you purchase a new vehicle. When you are ready to do your automobile shopping, be sure to visit Ray Varner Ford